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Director: Jeremy Pickard

Edited by Sadah Espii Proctor

Puppet Design, Puppeteering, and Illustrations by Lexy Ho-Tai

Scenic Design and Model Construction by Yijun Yang

Costume Design by Sabrina Bianca Guillaume

Music Composed, Directed, and Co-Produced by Michelle J. Rodriguez

Photo: Yijun Yang


The Bushwick Starr and Superhero Clubhouse       2020

Big Green Theater: The Movie! was originally written as two plays, to be performed live in April 2020 with The Bushwick Starr and Superhero Clubhouse. The scripts were turned into TWO movies-- rehearsed and filmed remotely while in quarantine during the COVID-19 crisis using a variety of online tools and technology. All design elements were created with found, repurposed, and household materials.

An imaginative play inspired by climate and environmental justice for audiences of all ages.

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